Analytics Chapter 2: Misconception

by Decipha

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The Second Chapter to Decipha's Mixtape/Book/Album, entitled Misconception. Exploring the thoughts and actions that linger on the lines of Christianity, but at the root are sin.


released January 18, 2013



Track Name: Analyze Ft. Lamar Simms
Verse: You’ll notice by the stains on my grill though, I keep it movin Charlie, In Him a steady speed, but the Spirit nuked my folly, my life’s about a page, one breath but I gotta live, extract some major things, and call that analytics/ I’m a man of major pillage, what that mean, I gotta grow, Christ took my trash to rid it, despite my chronicle, how bout my honor tho, highlight the fact He got, I like to trash his grace, He likes to steady guide me, or how bout the way I focus. I like my way I rule, See I admit I’m worthless, I won’t even start on you, I cracked the book and seen it, not only I’m infected, but I see some raunchy scenes, up in my social network//

Lamar:Lets take a moment and realize of how we easily set aside, yet He came and take our place so the wrath of God could be satisfied//

Chorus: I’m here now, I’m not own dude, bought with a couple flaws, I won’t return to, staking my state, Christian, we got hope now…Recognize He got me, so who could pluck me out//

Verse: Lets make some noise up in this house, bring your boys I’ll hear’em out, bring your toys, and real’em out, what ya’ll afford I feel a drought, a filthy rag your real amount, what this right here has been about, what we got trafficking in and out, the audacity that many doubt/ and if anyone vouch, That God is King, and rulin the age, their inferiorated, indignant, and critics…I mean their enraged/ they ordering steaks bon appetite, when really their fake and all of it stinks, they’re swallowing cakes, but none of it’s sweet, how do you address men who are what they eat/ So I go… hard over beats, and pardon me, I’m a little tenacious, I wanna see men who loving their wives, who livin to die, wit a heart for the nations, but my analysis is, I see a valley of dry bones, so here’s my thesis, I’m strategic in making Jesus MY Goal//

Lamar: Analyze your motives and intentions, he died now I’m forgiven and now I rest in his finished work, although I’m still a jerk, His righteousness for my failures, a bloody cross has been invoked//

Chorus: I’m here now, I’m not own dude, bought with a couple flaws, I won’t return to, staking my state, Christian, we got hope now…Recognize He got me, so who could pluck me out//

Verse: I try to, Keep my patience, God over money, My product is the Gospel, and the good can get ugly, I Ain’t reading lately, coasting on my talents, mad at the spouse, plus they cut down my hours, I look at all my efforts, they look good for second, until I dig deep and track my advance segments, a failure to the records, I can’t afford a reference, Repentance and a vengeance seems to be is my only leverage/ If I dumb down a minute I begin where I finished, woe to me if I make the Gospel a game or a scrimmage/ you look at my percentage I should be embarrassed, but I’m not, cuz my lot is solely based on Christ’s merits//

Lamar: I’m free no longer bound; my flesh is in the ground, analyzing every part of my heart, like I’m a hound was lost, but now I’m found, they murdered him like a dog, just so I won’t see the pound//

Chorus: I’m here now, I’m not own dude, bought with a couple flaws, I won’t return to, staking my state, Christian, we got hope now…Recognize He got me, so who could pluck me out//
Track Name: I Believe Ft. Kareem Manuel
Kareem: They Say, We are all alone down here, no higher calling, I don't believe that but
I know we'll look up and see the sky is falling,
See the king coming, hear the screams see people running, head clear I
don't fear nothing, cuz I pray everyday but I ain't being hunted, they
believed free thought, free speech, free to choose free to walk these
streets, talk wreck less but talk is cheap, live reckless then yell
free Keith, what? Say they believe in him, but i ain't believing them,
they need more people,
God we trust but their God is lust, and they teaching them see, hear,
speak no evil, not be cuz it ain't there but cuz they just don't care,
true belief it leads to action, a belief against my believe I believe
leads to reaction, so I get reacting, hopping on tacks with my CTZN
faction, got my cross on my back like its in fashion, got a cross as a
tat got em all asking, I believe that grace and the faith that was
given, gave me conviction to see the son who was risen and I ain't
even squinting, bear my cross so i could bear his image, old ways
flipped them somersaults, lift the son up we don't take summers off,
announce his return Pat sommerall, some of y'all close but ain't
really come at all, line in the sand repent and come across, cuz you
and God (dicey) still at odds (pricey) cant foot the cost call on
Christ cuz I believe that Jesus is the son of God//

I believe in that Cross, I believe that he Holy, I believe that He rose, I believe in that Glory, I believe that He God, I believe that He God...

Verse: call all yo man's pick the part and do all ya'll can, kick and call it whatever clause or trend, spit and spar, and then spark yo plan, I know we all go in, we standing tall, wit every sin we in, we carry on like as if God owe men, like God don't own men forget what you believe we all bowin in the end/ I'm in the back you can look at my track and configure my stats and im off in the Zone, steadily given over the area humbled by all the characters look aight but they trifled and wrong, many believe they can aim for the goal, run in they creeds Lookin insane but they flawed, but if I say I believe he's a judge and King, what does it mean for every charade and cause/ I'm not a passenger, color my aperture, you look within to see The inner but I'm actin up, until he captures ya, picture what happened bruh, what I believe is that im leavin every trap and cuff now, I can see the path that we on, believing that whoever the son ingrafted I drawn, call up my citizen, color images, what are the benefits, he paid in the penitence//

I believe in that Cross, I believe that he Holy, I believe that He rose, I believe in that Glory, I believe that He God, I believe that He God...

Verse: One More my arms pump and I'm patient, might write my coffin ill take it, cuz I live amongst a lot of men, who take high offense in my savior, a gift in Christ but no takers, gotta script to conquer yo nature, yet they run and hide, rather stay inside, of they litter box wit no scraper/ and ya know they can't be disguised (the sky's), so they fall and can't improvise, and if it's all about tryin to find a rout, they gotta drive but can't read the signs/but A belief is strictly comprised, not that your just make up our minds, but that the heart of the matter is that the God over Adam (Atom) and every molecule added will live inside/ He ain't called a vote, but He rule the block, He the king whether you wanna believe or not, like please, many wanna convenient god, that don't feed'em laws, but gives alot that meets needs but don't judge your hearts, who forgives but never really addressed the faults, loves men but never sentences to hell a god, that saves but never really can keep'em locked/ they sharp willing like they beat the plot, but the foil in the story will keep'em hot, and every covenant of man whether Greek or Jew gotta peep clue, that he beats the clock, look, don't be surprised, that every channel of life got him synchronized, speak proper, well you gone need till the brink of time, times eternity to try an gett'em redefined, my belief is not my belief, but now my belief's not based on what we decide, if it's not my will, than it's not my will, so I live, but at any moment, we can slide, if He's given us a reason to see the life, while the rest of the streets wanna see decline, than we stand in an awe and amazement of God, and believe in the son Jesus Christ//

I believe in that Cross, I believe that he Holy, I believe that He rose, I believe in that Glory, I believe that He God, I believe that He God...
Track Name: True Religion
Verse: I’m ready cuz he all abounding, prolly cuz He all astounding, peddy cuz my folly poundin, my city got me on a trial, I’m make my noise about it, they don’t want me out the house, and since I seen that God is real, I write about it like a diary/

common sense I brought it in, He had to bring the party in, cuz if I say I’m born again, they all’ll yell get out of here!!!,

I’m on some pioneer, style look like a lavaliere, cuz if I call Him God, I make it know that mean he domineer,

it’s like a God attack, that God is this and God is that, then a mortal come and say he god, and then he dies, NOW WHAT IS THAT?/

I know some men that see our God, as start it up and let it ride, and men’ll find their way to good, guided by some inner light/

compared to what the Bible teaches unless the Father draws a wretch, you’re steady drawing circles like you workin in an etch a sketch/

They askin for the evidence, I suggest you fast forward, you couldn't change your state even with a passport/

how real is the verdict you asked for, did you make your self a back door, from the past we all been at war, man done got some back sores/

and even a cracked jaw, steadily wanting to stand tall, wishing they could be right about the things the King likes/

we act like we don’t need Christ, He just a bunch of good stories, they rather have the green light, to go on and try to get Glory/

fellas past the peace pipe, light a match and take aim, but what is peace without the Lord of peace, you just a sin slave/

a lot of men they got chains, hoping they can hop a trains, and while you gotta a lot of fame, do yo thing... Thomas Payne/

I look around the age God is based on your decision, bandied all about like you the ruler, he the misfit/

the truth of God is certain but they wanna change the entrance/

but you was lookin stylish in your kinda true religions//
Track Name: Untitled
Verse: As if I even had an app to do it, I break my balance tryin to figure out a way i could rule it, plug in my outlet, I get power but it's rather ruthless, cuz all my outfits got me holla Kickin like I could do it (Hadouken)/ see what I found is, I'm on my ounce and fluid, and though I got my talents ill stray down to the rout that's useless, or maybe it's just used less, cuz I find this life's amusing, and if I'm deceived then we all deceived, and we stuck with confusion/ Act like we all are out, whatever's good we chug them deuces, yet in reality I'm chained to remain in whatever's fruitless, most of my family, got frailties, you can't save with nutrients, find me point A to Z, you wanna hang with me, i gotta thang for nuisance, yet every nuance, of what I do, look more like nooses, now if I'm simple than i see the note as my acoustics, where I create the bar and I hit hard, like I'm the truest, loving my arrogance and all that jazz stuck in my music//

Verse: I seen a woman attract my interest, telling me what to get, she'll send me half way around the world, with her honey dripping lips, she'll have your boy lose all discretion, he won't care, get on that mic and act a fool cuz he don't sing bit/ bitter, hardly can't explain, doing things that he can't afford, wormwood, got the whole hood, feel the effects of a two edge sword, feel in like what he feels like, whatever feels right, must be God, now the bills gottem, grilled tight, still he ride to try and carry on/ evidence of what I'm failing in and what I'm carrying, staring in the mirror looking for way to fair with it, not knowing I'm the root cause of my root flaws and arrogance, pardon me if I don't see the need for medicine for every sin/ toss off my bandages, I don't need no ambulance, but i will settle for a higher being, long as He don't require no reverence, pitfalls in my decadence, yet ill still rely on my leverages, did he really say you can't eat that fruit, been Paying that bill ever since//

Verse: Okay consider what I've seen dealt, witnessed my family plead government, we need help, within my country they turn a God into a means of wealth, I figured things get lovely but they got uglier, so I lead myself/ safeguard my armor, and out of all the ways that i fail, i flanked the truth and tied my armor with deceiving belts, still i can make the finish line with trophies on my shelf, only problem is how to deal with the lingering guilt/ Life is a borrowed meal I've never seen or held if I don't see a need for my knees to kneel, to a king that hung from trees with nails//