Analytics Chapter 1: The Belief

by Decipha

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As I sit in my car listening to Oprah’s satellite radio station, she chats with special guests about how Christianity has stifled the freedom and inspiration of her life growing up. Yet, I am more and more encouraged by the fact that, while many people will seek answers from so many other sources in this world regarding truth, it is the God of the universe that has graciously revealed himself to an undeserving sinner like me. He has not only revealed truths about himself, but He pursued me, and keeps lovingly pursuing me to see Him as truly the only source for life and happiness. The fact is that most people do not and indeed cannot, come to this sort of revelation, apart from the Holy Spirit working in their hearts and the Father drawing them.

Analytics seeks to lead the person to analyze their ways in order to actually look unto Jesus, who is the author and perfecter of faith. Lamentations 3:40 tells us to “Examine our ways and return to the Lord.” This is my theme scripture for Analytics, and over the next few months, I will be blogging about different things that I personally have analyzed and examined, and consequently weighed on the scale of Christ and His Word. My hope is that people like Oprah, and myself who have looked within ourselves so often and not to God and his word, will learn to die more to ourselves and rest from our works, as Christ is made alive with us.

What do you tell someone who sees Christianity as just another notch, in the egotistical, judgmental, bible-thumping worldview of a person’s made up, maddening persona? What do people interpret from your version of Christianity, when they watch your walk, or your lifestyle, or your relationship, or even you social networks? What would people say about your version of Christianity when you are dead? Will we have to lie at your funeral?

The decisive reality other people should come to, when they take a sample of our lives, is ultimately, the truth of the Gospel. Even if they reject it, they should do so on the basis that we believed and lived out the truth of the Gospel, not because of a character flaw that served to dim the light of the Gospel. Peter stands up in Acts 2 to clarify what is going on with the believers who were filled with the Spirit on that day. The overarching theme of the Gospel is that we cannot accomplish salvation within ourselves. It takes God and God alone to transform wicked men, to open their eyes, to draw them to Himself, to spark Love for God in their hearts, and to accurately worship Him in Spirit and truth. Therefore, I would venture to say that if the Gospel you believe leads you to self-works alone, to self-edification, to deification of man, and the centering of human beings within our universe, then your gospel is no gospel at all. You have most likely been duped, in which case we are called to examine our ways, analyze our hearts, weigh it with Christ, His Word, His Church, and return to the Lord


released November 30, 2012



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Track Name: The Intro
I feel like, I feel like...forget my feeling though, call me generic, my area's on some epic flow, peering authentic genuine, this here's imperial, hear it fear it adhere to the lyric, oh boy now here we go/ I've been bleak and perishing, scarce in whatever's credible, capturing my despair and then share it like I'm a Vimeo, carried me from the carriage embarrassed like I'm venereal, my genetics are arrogant from my my burial.

S-S-Something vivid for basic, let me take'em on a trip and get all gutter like I'm Neeson in Taken, is it beauty in the making, had to get the rived ammunition just to get'em out the basement, and what we giving them is ancient, benefiting anybody living in the one that can erase sin, catalytic in it's patrons and it be to anyone who has been a recipient of graces/ Recipients of know given what I ain't deserve on the bases, I vacant He was stripped naked, I was draped with all of every kind of hatred, cast out with no first aid kit, palmed placed drippin bloody on the pavement, but what are we on, it's every thing that we speak on, it's every sin that was Taken/ Cast down to the ground where I belong, reconciled to the one that counts and I re-con, look into the eyes of a man that could be on, recognize it could take a miracle to free ya'll/ You know the many that were doing what they wanna do, steadily thinking that they was winning every one of you, fooled by reality and blind by the color too, pandemonium when you tell'em that it wasn't true/ all of the credits that are coming through, happily standing up on the edge chuggin' up the duce, your materials will fade, along with your mansion you shades you Lamborghini and Hummer 2/ We analytic when we see that from the past, honoring God who intend to benefit the lesser, He ain't been the one to mess with, confident, evident, hollowed, here's my gesture.//
Track Name: The Light ft. Kareem Manuel
Let it shine

There was a time when my world was filled with darkness...darkness, darkness/ Then I stopped dreaming and awoke to fill it up with something...something, something// (This one's for everyone awaken to the light of Christ, just want you to examine something...I didn't think it started there, just let y'all know i was just doing me)

Decipha: okay my eyes have seen the glory of the King, but never would have been unless He went up in ya caucus, if I'm, apart the regime, awaken to the reality the Father got me out of Darkness

Kareem: the light showed me i was living hard hearted not striving forgiveness in the mission was i really living christian cuz i wasn't really living 2 honest, but now the son of God is where my heart is I-

Decipha: Peep game, nothin cliche, the minute he claim me a product of His graces

Kareem: Goodness gracious, how could you and I ever trade places, I just can't it...

Decipha: But I take it, And he makes ways for it, in a city where they live so vacant

Kareem: Only way we was ever gone make it, all of heavens singing of your greatness, we lost in the ship of anger anchored debating who is the greatest, chasing Dreams of a pot of Gold, you have given me a chance to be cleaned at the potters stove

Decipha: if I was to try an sing it be monotone, solo you can see where story goes, if I painted me a piece it be monochrome, but now I'm riding with a will that is not my own

Kareem: So regardless how I feel, getting threats of getting killed, I stand still cuz I'm going home

Decipha: And he callin like you in maybach livin laid back, with the wave cap, make your way back home, look up so you notice that I'm there for you and know I care for you, so put your shades on when the son's light got the root bearin fruit, so if die than I rise like a parachute//

Chorus2: ill be a light, ill be alright, (ima let it shine) give me the light (Ima Let it shine), this little light (ima let it shine)

Kareem: Okay, My eyes have seen the glory of king, The Lord of the rings, the gore that he brings, with the sword that he swings

Decipha: Is according to whatever glory, is evident in any story He arranged, I'm apart of it even if the life that I lead now is on opposite lanes, but if alive in him

Kareem: Then my life is his and even if I die its to gain, man I promise, I promise i had this weight on my noggin, sin weighed on my conscious, and I had not way to get it off me

Decipha: Benefit of men who are living it ain't boasting, coming out the trap, but not Kelly and frank ocean, steak my claim and definitely I'm soakin, now in my world is viewed in right focus

Kareem: My scope is skewed to focused truth, was a hopeless dude, till you over ruled, world renewed now you rule over dudes, -

Decipha: if wasn't for the King i'd be owing dues,

Kareem: and the wrath you been holding back is overdue,

Decipha: On the path where the living and it's no excuse, hold fast in world where they loath the truth, and they know facts but refuse to know it's you

Kareem: Notice truth but hide, till the skies crack and the hope arrives, looking so surprised

Decipha: And even tho The clouds showing that the storms arrived, an everyone engrafted in the ark of Christ, have got a hope to rise, like a poltergeist,

Kareem: Don't trust in the folks with a old disguise, but hope in the only hope that is ever spoken life,

Decipha: Instead of cloaked in the one that has spoken lies..

Chorus2: ill be a light, ill be alright, (ima let it shine) give me the light (Ima Let it shine), this little light (ima let it shine)