Almost Home (feat. Cory Cifax)

by Decipha, Kareem Manuel, Cory Cifax

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Verse: quick figure, apart of this image I’m privy’ed to be giving anything but I’m in it , what did it mean chillins, but dirrty He did it, I take up a cross, and no more guillotine killing, Hope for the villain, old and the youngs, a party where they host by the son, Toast to the sun, you feel the trigger better holster your guns, cuz a bullet ain’t enough to put and end to what He does/

wait a minute, hold up wait a minute, I yearn for the one that took our sin and affliction, who brought us to the body with the one who is almighty, without Him we were drowning in our sin in the distance, He alone in the gap, and he alone endures all the woes and attack, He can take you to a CTZN from an alien, from enemy to a patriot, without a flat/

He put the city on the map so every representative, that ever comprehended it, where ever you was living in there isn’t a comparison, we honored to be counted wit’em, even if we suffer wit'em, hands in the air, if you're invited to the dinner of the supper of the lamb, and we’re ready for the day that we can feel the very holes in his hands, and the stripes on His back, from the cup of the wrath and he took it to the head/

Then He sat down wit it, If He resurrects than He's the right man fitted, and through Him are those who are right there with Him, so wherever you travel, his flight plan’s bigger, I Rep VA wit a Chi town flow, my cities cool, but His city’s dope, and the woo woo woo he stop all that joe, it’s Christ that run it to bring all us home, so hold on//


released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved