Analytics: Prologue

by Decipha

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Analytics: Conceptualization & Prologue

Abstract: In general, a large criterion of Postmodernism brings about the idea of “relative truth” in our society. It says, “reality is based on the perspective of an individual; there is no way to know what is absolutely right/wrong and real/fake.” Trying to fit the Christian worldview within a paradigm such as this should be impossible, seeing that Christianity insists on Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, the son of God almighty, is the only way to and for salvation; and furthermore claims that all men are sinful and wicked and they will continue to be so, God is sovereign over everyone person, thing, event and experience, and the Holy Spirit is the one that draws wicked men to the Father. If left to themselves, man will only choose evil, and is only capable of delivering and producing evil each and every time. Consequently, even when man performs a good deed, it is only for selfish gain or to make one’s self feel better. The danger with the paradigmatic postmodern position, in light of the Christian worldview is that, we become convinced that men and women everywhere can do anything they want with or to whom they want. No one can question, correct, critique or teach anyone else because the law they have created, no matter how heinous and abusive it might be to another individual’s law, is right. It’s a law unto themselves. The end result is a people who do NOT fear God almighty and who do NOT seek God and His Law. They are unaware of a God who loves them, but who also judges wickedness leaving them in danger of hell fire.

Content: The leading cause of the breakdown of the family unit is the absence of moral responsibilities amongst parents and children. There is no true definition of marriage because, even while we speak, the definition of “monogamy” is being re-defined. The term “new monogamy” is formed to say that whatever you define with whatever partner you choose is up to you and that partner (partner being of the same sex or the opposite, and what you define could be by adding multiple partners or having an open or closed relationship). Fathers feel no common woe in abandoning their families to pursue passions that only benefit themselves. Mothers are left to raise children in an uneven environment where they are forced to be mother and father for their children. Self-respect amongst male and females is defined as being a diva or having the right swag (hence Axe spray and Victoria’s Secret commercials). Honor and respect for authority is a joke amongst this generation, take for example shows like Family Guy, The Game, and the list goes on. Consequently, postmodernism’s foundation is in sin. The same sin within the garden with Adam and Eve, the same sin that caused Cain to kill Abel, David to murder the husband of Bathsheba, and so on within scripture. A redefining of laws, a misrepresentation and respect for authority, the build up of self-pleasure, and a lack for a neighbor’s well being, leads to a lack of care for the community, the city, and the state at large. We see people who only pursue their own gain and ambition, church members ignoring their need for Christ-centered doctrine, and a lack of Gospel-centered ministries and passions. Our society has taken on the view that “if problems are not directly affecting me, it’s not my problem to deal with,” which adds to the NIMBY effect (Not In My Back Yard). At the end of the day, the identity of man is lost; therefore, people are defined by whatever is immediately put in front of them, and not by what God has displayed, namely in holy script. We remove God and decide for ourselves what is right, and thus mankind falls into sin.

Analytics seeks to focus our attention on specific elements that are important to the crisis of mankind. This is my attempt at a type of lyrical research project, in and of itself, that analyzes the data of the sin nature and the God that made us, in order to track our efforts and highlight what His word says or doesn’t say about how we live and move. I have broken the content of the project into 9 chapters, so that one may take the time and digest the fruit of each verse. While there is no arbitrary line within this précis, each song is not intended to be an inductive study of biblical knowledge, but a biblically based colloquial and even anecdotal account of ideas that I believe can aid a person in everyday living and that will point them to truths about Jesus. For my ideas of basic foundational thought, please refer to my previous album, “REP” and also look forward to my “PRESENT” project, also forthcoming. Lastly, I encourage those who listen to this project to ask questions, to take your time and soak the concepts. Each chapter will be released on a monthly basis, so that you can have time to think and to analyze. My hope is that you are encouraged by Analytics and see God as Glorious. God Bless and as always…Soli Deo Gloria!


released November 20, 2012

Produced by: Supa Nova/Nuwav Productions



all rights reserved
Track Name: Prologue

Verse: two words top tier, lies go wherever lives will, im finally woke with a kind of scope that'll recognize that i'ma dry field, valiant without an audience and finally figure whatever got me out, was a case study that i hate the truth, cuz it paint my pic with a grand amount/ so I beef the base and ball so hard it's NBA 3k Andre, we feast together with a fleet so raw so cold I feel like Bombey/
And if I'm back on the track, young cipha's back, and I rang that bell like a glockenspiel, and i state my facts spit it laced on tracks and i make my attack without a glock to spill/ I start drilling cuz I'm off to build, i came to the plot so i bought the field, suicidal with adrenaline I'm Poppin pills, yet I'm off of the margin of Dr. Phil, stopped off in the market and the part that had caught my attention was all that we land on, my bars set apart for the God that had solved what they couldn't put their hands on/ no tick tock, when they get stopped Analytics showin what they loved the most, yo click caught, can't kick rocks, couldnt gettem lost, speeding off in motor boat, you lettem down then he think he hold the ropes, you look around ain't nobody wanna hold his post, so i sped off but with the Red Cross, my battalion, and we known to boast//

Gentlemen I should have been a menace thinking all about the penate when I hit it with the sin bat, and it really wasn't fitting with the penalty to give me any solidarity when sins this bad, I done been the one up in a minute Lookin like I wanna fightem, if I dissed, dag, and even though I never been the one that did if I wanna try an fit in, ima yell about my crin-ack/
I'm still chuck feeling like emergency, I don't care about a million if you heard of me, I just wanna point'em to the one that burden me, haven'em living for the one that's in a Third degree, who came took away the enmity, now I'm prayin with ability intercede, and it's crazy I don't care how many feelin me, I'm feelin graced I don't need a limousine/ inasmuch as many have undertaken, taking the time to compile raw cases, basing lines and lines of all ages, gauging, clients who call it all ancient, it seemed right that I make haste, and write my feast so y'all may taste it, savoring the lines in my pages, as I sample my population/ within this print you'll that these assailants, live in they tents, believed to be aliens, its intense, no need to be angry take our grip agree and we hail Him, take heed of these fables, see what it means to be Abel's, study the King, this God that we label, our steeze indeed is, He's able.//